Long Handle Dog Pooper Scooper

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Cleaning up after the dog is faster and easier. The handle is tight enough to secure pet waste.
Strong spring-loaded jaw opens easily with one hand but snaps shut securely and completely so clean-up is quick and easy.
Made of durable plastic, tough spring, guarantee the durability of the product. size is 8 X 9 X 7.5cm.
This scoop is perfect for both grass and hard, flat surfaces like asphalt and concrete.

It is very easy to use. Cover the waster with a tissue, or cover the scoop with poop bags. Scoop the waste and throw it in garbage bins. No smell and no mess around anymore!

Different from the non rod type simple product, this product can stretch distance from you and the pet poop, stay away from the stink and reduce nausea. High-quality plastic, double spring design, high tension, high stability, durable, convenient health, civilized pets owners must have one.

Material: plastic

  • Size: total length approx. 11.02inch
  • Clip length approx. 3.54inch
  • width approx. 2.95inch
  • height approx. 2.55inch.